«SanTehAssortiment» is a professional trading company providing equipment for heat supply, water supply, water treatment, water disposal and sewer systems as well as pumping equipment.

Having been a construction market player since 2004, our company has gained the reputation of a reliable partner with customers as well as with home and foreign suppliers. We have gained quite a vast experience of establishing mutually advantageous economic relations, and our working strategy and algorithm are constantly being perfected.

The «SanTehAssortiment» company specializes in marketing advanced materials and equipment for completing of water-supply, heat-supply and sewer system installations on the Russian market and in complex supply of them. Today, our success in the field is largely conditioned by the following factors:

we always choose reliable strategic partners;
we produce goods under our own trademark;
we market demand creation in the regions;
we market new products, equipment and advanced technologies;
we guarantee quality and longevity of materials;
we implement a rational financial and economic policy;
we have created a friendly staff of professionals.

«SanTehAssortiment» is a dynamically developing, open and customer-friendly company. Every year, we diversify our range of products and decisions due to our strong partnership with worldwide known manufacturers. The constantly rising range of product lines and permanent availability of products in stock make completing of almost every order possible, which extends the sales geography and guarantees maximum discounts.

When searching for suppliers, our specialists pay great attention to the quality of equipment they produce and to their usability in terms of the Russian Federation. This is the reason why our products are distinguished for their high safety, longevity and simplicity of operation.

All of the mentioned factors explain the fact why large construction and mounting organizations as well as large trading organizations are among our clients and the number of our partners keeps on rising every year.

Today, our company takes part in capital and regional exhibitions on regular basis, holds joint and its own seminars and participates actively in the life of the building complex of Russia.

The «SanTehAssortiment» company is oriented to the reliable and long-term partnership. Our specialists are high-quality professionals having wide experience of working in the sanitary engineering field.